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(89) Dr. Allen Hunt - Highlights of the 2015 Steubenville Diocesan Men's Day of renewal

         Dr. Allen Hunt’s two talks to 217 men at the 2015 Steubenville Diocesan Men's Day of Renewal at St. Bernard’s Church in Beverly - Ohio on March 7 went over very well as reflected by the reaction of the men and their written evaluations at the end of the day.  Some of the men shared the day with their sons.
The Men’s Day of Renewal opened with a formal Holy Hour with Benediction followed by Deacon Mark Estes, who promoted opportunities to serve in the diaconate.  After Dr. Hunt’s first talk, Msgr. Robert Kawa, the host pastor, presided over a Reconciliation Service with the aid of a number of confessors.  He advocated that penitents pray: “Lord, what should I confess? He will tell you things.”  Then the penitent should ask himself, “What am I going to do about them?”.

Vocations.  Fr. Michael Gossett, the Diocesan Director, suggested that the young single men think of serving Christ and His Church as a priest.   A husband gives himself to his wife; the gives himself to the people.  Pray for His will for your life.  Pray for seminarians.  A priest never knows the consequences of what he says and what will stick among individuals in the congregation.  More information can be found at 
Bishop Jeffrey Monforton presided at the Mass and talked to the men, accepting questions.  He urged communion with God.  Make God your all.  Aspire to love what God loves.  Get away from self-absorption.  It’s not about me nor self-esteem; it’s about Him as shepherd.  Christ must be the center of your life.  The Bishop admonished that neglecting parents is a mortal sin.  Trust God.

Dr. Allen at the mike on his radio show.
Dr. Allen Hunt’s Long Journey to the True Faith

In his morning talk, Dr. Hunt related how he discovered the true, the good, and the beautiful in the Church.  We are part of a denomination that educates more kids, feeds more kids, clothes more kids, and treats more kids.  We have a life saving treasure.
While working on his doctorate of New Testament at Yale in 1992, another member of the class, the Dominican Friar Steve invited him to speak with him on holiness to a group of 50 cloistered Dominican nuns.  Their mission is prayer.  His role was to present the Methodist Wesley view.  A smiling radiant Sr. Diana with the presence of glowing holiness, impressed Allen as the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  She kept asking;  “Why aren’t you part of the Church?”  Allen’s biggest obstacle was the Eucharist.
He cultivated that mustard seed for 15 years before finally crossing the Tiber to Rome.  Once he opened the Bible and the words “This is my Body” jumped off the page.  He discovered that for 100 years no one questioned the Eucharist until the Reformation that spawned 30,000 different Christian sects.  People died for the Eucharist.  When on vacations all over the world, Dr. Hunt was drawn to attend Mass.  It was all about the Eucharist.

Down the street from his Methodist Church was a Perpetual Adoration Chapel that he would occasionally visit.  On the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, one of Catholicism’s greatest thinkers, Dr. Hunt met a very holy priest.  It was St. Thomas who once said after the Consecration: “All my work in comparison to the Eucharist is straw”.
In closing Dr. Allen Hunt affirming “By faith we turn on the spigot for God’s grace in front of the tabernacle or at the Consecration or upon receiving Communion.  ALWAYS REMEMBER WHO YOUR ARE; WE ARE PEOPE OF THE EUCHARIST”.  Don Coen, the MC, reaffirmed “Act like you are”.
Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

           In his afternoon talk, Dr. Allen Hunt declared that the key to becoming a dynamic Catholic is to develop four habits.

     Prayer. No prayer life, no spiritual life……you’re done.  He recounted how anxious he is to speak with his daughter every day at 2 pm.  “How much more does our Father in Heaven desire the same?  For example, a woman improves little by little on the treadwheel.  It’s the same with prayer.  Start with just ten minutes a day. 

        Study.  He recommend five pages of the Bible each day and five pages of spiritual reading. 

          Generosity.  The Bible advocates tithing, i.e., giving 10% of one’s income to the Church and charity.  Compared to Evangelicals (4%) and other Protestants (2.3%), Catholics are tied with atheists at 1.7%.  We should try to give 1% more every year.  After all, God is the supreme giver, giving us life, salvation, and the Eucharist.
          Christ spoke more about money than any other thing because of greed…….”stuff” is the biggest competitor for our hearts.  “Let go of stuff and share it.  We are created to be givers”.

           Evangelization.  About a third of Catholics are Christmas and Easter Christians.  Share books.  Befriend people.  Communicate love.  Care about them.  Love them; be concerned about them.  “Come to Mass and we’ll go out for dinner”.  You can’t argue people into the Faith.  Pray for them.  Live your vocation; that will help others to live theirs. 

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